Free, no obligation hearing tests and consultation.
Hear speech better and get in on the conversation.
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We can help extend the life of your hearing aid through repair and cleaning.
Prevent hearing loss with the right protection.

Free Hearing Tests

You may be wondering if you have hearing problems.  Often hearing loss happens gradually, and you may realize that conversation is harder to understand.  Let us help you assess your hearing health, with a free, no obligation test.

Hearing Aids

We proudly carry the best in hearing aid products by Rexton, Siemens and Starkey.  These are three of the best quality manufacturers in the hearing aid industry.  Dozens of options are available .

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Hearing Aid Repair

With daily use, hearing aids may become clogged with ear wax and need a detailed cleaning.  They also can be damaged and need adjustment. Stop by for your hearing aid repair and cleaning.

Hearing Protection

Hearing loss is often a result of work related noise. Let us help you find a solution for hearing protection that is convenient and comfortable.

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